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This is a podcast dedicated to alternative and independent cinemas, putting a spotlight on their daily practices, organizational structures and editorial lines. Our hosts and guests will talk about the magic place that is cinema. They will share stories about special films, famous guests, their love for cinema and how the future of cinema might be.
La Clef revival (Paris, France) in conversation with Star and Shadow Cinema (Newcastle, UK)
La Clef is a historical cinema located in the heart of Paris and born in the 70s. For almost 50 years, the cinema has attracted audiences with its eclectic program, affordable prices, debates with directors and festivals. It was then sold to the Works Council a French bank which decided to sell it. On September 20, 2019, Home Cinema Association decided to illegally occupy La Clef. The demand is simple: "We commit ourselves to no longer occupy the place as soon as we have a written and oral confirmation, and in front of journalistic and legal witnesses, that this cinema will remain an independent Parisian cinema, and an associative cinema above all else." Since the first day of occupation, a different film is screened every evening at a free price. There is no hierarchy of genre, duration or means of production. Thanks to all its support, Home Cinema decides to stay until the appeal trial, on September 21th, 2020. 
Extract of David Lynch, from Chuck Workman’s documentary What Is Cinema? (USA, 2013)
Artist: Zaire, Titel: ANSIEDAD

Venues, guests and initiatives mentioned in this episode:
Hosts & Guests:
Christo Wallers, Star and Shadow Cinema Co-op (Newcastle, UK)
Marine Ottogalli, Luc Paillard, Derek Woolfenden, La Clef revival (Paris, France)

Artist: Zaire, Titel: ANSIEDAD

In the next episode on September 27th members of the Offkino Bielefeld, Germany, will talk about their cinema work. More information about the Kino Climates Network you'll find at

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