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Episode Two: B-Movie Cinema in Hamburg

2020-06-28 39 min Kino Climates Network

Description & Show Notes

B-Movie Cinema (Hamburg) in conversation with Filmhuis Cavia (Amsterdam)

Since more than 30 years the B-Movie Cinema presents an innovative and unique programme in the St. Pauli district in Hamburg, Germany. Starting out as a political initiative in 1987 it developed into an important cultural association linked to many initiatives, film festivals and artist groups today. It is one of the few cinemas in the city still able to show analogue films. In their editorial line the B-Movie team is focusing on avantgarde, underground and independent, feminist and LGBTQI* cinema as well as on unconventional works by young filmmakers from around the world. Known and appreciated for its special atmosphere and cosy foyer, the volunteer run venue is an open space for everyone.

Extract of David Lynch, from Chuck Workman’s documentary What Is Cinema? (USA, 2013)
Artist: Zaire, Titel: ANSIEDAD

Festivals, venues and initiatives mentioned in this episode:

Hosts & Guests:
Luisa González & Diana Munteanu, Filmhuis Cavia (Amsterdam)
Cornelia Pirsig & Jakub Miluch, B-Movie Cinema (Hamburg)

Artist: Zaire, Titel: ANSIEDAD

In the next episode on July 25th, members of the Star & Shadow Cinema (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK) will talk about their cinema work. More information about the Kino Climates Network you'll find at

Producers: Manja Malz, Sarah Adam
Visual: Antonia Krämer, Sarah Adam