KINO CLIMATES INTERLOCKED - The World of Alternative Cinemas

Kino Climates Network
Since 05/2020 5 episodes
In each episode we will present a different Cinema of the Kino Climates Network. Our hosts and guests will talk about the magic place that is cinema, and how daring but also rewarding it is to run a cinema. They will share stories about special films, famous guests, their love for cinema and how the future of cinema might be.

Kino Climates is a collective network of non-commercial cinemas, filmclubs, open spaces and venues dedicated to alternative film culture. The members of the network support each other and exchange programs and content, for example by organize tours of films and filmmakers and by collectively publishing the magazine Film0.
In this podcast you´ll get and idea about the wide range and diverse forms of cinephilia in our network and the many versions and notions of cinema that exist throughout the world. We will cover the creative and the administrative side, celebrate memorable events, famous guests and extraordinary revelations. We will speak about our favourite films, our love for the moving image and how the future of cinema might be.

You can visit all cinemas in the network online at