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Episode Five: Offkino in Bielefeld

2020-10-26 44 min Kino Climates Network

Description & Show Notes

Offkino Bielefeld (Germany) in conversation with La Clef revival (Paris, France)

The Offkino was founded in September 2010 in Bielefeld, Germany and is run by the grass-root and democratic association "Freies Kino Bielefeld e.V.”. The group running the cinema consists currently of 11 people who all work voluntarily and who share a great passion for film and cinema. Films are screened every Friday evening, with a focus on analogue film projection. In their editorial line the group is cooperating with other initiatives and institutions. They usually invite the filmmakers and other guests, if possible. In addition, the Offkino has special events on a regular basis, such as for example cinema concerts and literature reading readings. 
Every month is dedicated to a specific topic around which the films are select. Among other things, they screen a lot of repertoire, independent films, and current films which which are not shown in the cinemas of our city. The Offkino is very active in their local network, and in regular contact with the other cinemas in Bielefeld to secure a wide and attractive overall programming. The initiative is financed via entry fees, donations, funding and awards. The Offkino has been part of Kino Climates for many years and have been awarded with the "Kinoprogrammpreis NRW"/Prize of the film foundation "Filmstiftung NRW" for their special programme for several years now.

Extract of David Lynch, from Chuck Workman’s documentary What Is Cinema? (USA, 2013)
Artist: Zaire, Titel: ANSIEDAD

Venues, guests and initiatives mentioned in this episode:
Paris Calligrammes Ulrike Ottinger, D/F 2019, 129'
Les Lèvres rouges Harry Kümel, Belgium, 1971, 98' (with Delphine Seyrig)
Polyester John Waters, USA 1981, 86' (with the Odorama-Cards)
Varda par Agnès Agnès Varda, F 2018, 115'
Les choses de la vie Claude Sautet, F 1970, 89' (with Michel Piccoli)

If you want to support La Clef revival in the struggle to buy and to keep the cinéma La Clef you can donate some coins here:

Hosts & Guests:
Marine Ottogalli, La Clef revival (Paris, France)
Katharina Ellerbrock & Annette Rukwied, Offkino (Bielefeld, Germany)

Artist: Zaire, Titel: ANSIEDAD

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Producers: Manja Malz, Sarah Adam
Visual: Antonia Krämer, Sarah Adam