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Episode Three: Star and Shadow Cinema in Newcastle

2020-07-26 42 min Kino Climates Network

Description & Show Notes

Star and Shadow Cinema Co-op (Newcastle, UK) in conversation with B-Movie Cinema (Hamburg, Germany)
Star and Shadow Cinema is a volunteer-run DIY space for Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, in the UK. It is set up as an open-to-join co-operative and housed in a building it owns. The Venue operates a 'safe space' policy made, and is made up of people from differing cultural perspectives (artist-run spaces, radical left politics, direct action, Free/Libre Open Source culture, organising against the Gleneagles G8, LGBTQ*, DIY music/film). The editorial line is dedicated to culture coming from and/or programmed by the grass roots - particularly cinema and music. The Star and Shadow initiative evolved from screenings, events and debates at the Side Cinema, Waygood Gallery, and Bookville from 2001-2005 for which sources of inspiration came from European underground film and squat culture, situationism, and a vision of culture protected from state and market cultivated hierarchies of power and commercialization.
Emphasising the collective experience that makes cinema special, Star and Shadow exists as a space for a dialogic approach to culture through critical, active spectatorship: watching, listening, thinking and talking collectively and then possibly programming something yourself.

Extract of David Lynch, from Chuck Workman’s documentary What Is Cinema? (USA, 2013)
Artist: Zaire, Titel: ANSIEDAD

Venues, guests and initiatives mentioned in this episode:

Hosts & Guests:
Cornelia Pirsig & Anna Grabo, B-Movie Cinema (Hamburg)
Rachel Bollen & Arto Polus, Star and Shadow Cinema Co-op (Newcastle, UK)

Artist: Zaire, Titel: ANSIEDAD

In the next episode on August 30th, members of the Cinéma La Clef (Paris, France) will talk about their cinema work. More information about the Kino Climates Network you'll find at

Producers: Manja Malz, Sarah Adam
Visual: Antonia Krämer, Sarah Adam