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Episode One: Filmhuis Cavia in Amsterdam

2020-05-31 35 min Kino Climates Network

Description & Show Notes

Filmhuis Cavia (Amsterdam) in conversation with the Academic Film Center of SCCC (Belgrade)

Filmhuis Cavia is a unique and special place in the heart of one of the most cinephile cities of the world, Amsterdam. The non-profit venue was founded in 1983 by members of the squatters movement and still sticks to the do-it-yourself mentality of the movement, being collectively and volunteer run. With only 40 seats, the Cavia is one of the smallest cinemas in the Netherlands, and the smallest in Amsterdam. Many now famous film festivals started out in the Filmhuis Cavia. Their current programme presents experimental films, avantgarde film history, LGBTQI Films, Asian or South American films, all preferably screened on 16mm and 35mm. The Cavia is home to many different communities and people of all age and gender.

Extract of David Lynch, from Chuck Workman’s documentary What Is Cinema? (USA, 2013)
Artist: Zaire, Titel: ANSIEDAD

Festivals, venues and initiatives mentioned in this episode:
Hosts & Guests:
Milan Milosavljevic & Greg de Cuir Jr. , Academic Film Center of SCCC, Belgrade (Serbia)
Marius Hrdy & Stefano & Ronald Bijleveld, Filmhuis Cavia, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Artist: Zaire, Titel: ANSIEDAD

In the next episode on June 28th, members of the B-Movie Cinema (Hamburg, Germany) will talk about their cinema work. More information about the Kino Climates Network you'll find at

Producers: Manja Malz, Sarah Adam
Visual: Antonia Krämer, Sarah Adam